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Hotel, Camping and Apartments on lake Como
Campione d'italia

Campione d Italia

Campione d’Italia has the particularity of being an enclave separated from the mother country by a lake: it’s possible to reach Italy from Campione crossing the Lake of Lugano without entering the Swiss territory.

Campione is famous to hold one of the four Casinos in Italy, it’s regulated by a legislation that dates back to the years before the second Worldwide War, more favourable compared with the Italian and the Swiss one. After the move happened in the year 2007 in the modern building designed by the Swiss architect Mario Botta, the Casino of Campione d’Italia is today the hugest one the whole Europe.



Resort le Vele - hotel, camping and apartments on lake Como
Resort Le Vele - Holiday Services s.a.s.
Via Case Sparse, 244 - 22013 Domaso (CO)
P.IVA 02308620133
TEL: +39 0344 965049


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