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crotti di Chiavenna

I crotti di Chiavenna

In September at Chiavenna in the province of Sondrio the Crotti (local typical Restaurants) are open for the occasion of the "Crotti Festival".
Here you can enjoy typical dishes of the Valchiavennasca tradition such as the famous "Chiavenna gnocchetti", "Valchiavenna walnut", beef and veal vegetables, "Prosto biscuits" and delicious flower cake.

Chiavenna emerged on a large landslide, staggered in a very remote era from the south side. The big stones stopped on the slope and on the floor gave birth to the crotches.
Between the spiers of such stones ("sorei"), a constant blow of air flows in summer and winter at around 8°C, resulting in a warm summer in the summer, cool in summer. These cavities, not to be confused with the normal cellars, are excellent for the preservation and ripening of wine and other typical gourmet products.

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